Handmade jewelery series based on Amethyst

Chemically, amethyst is a kind of quartz. The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst provides protection against drunkenness; from this belief comes its name (the word derives from the prefix α- (un-) and the word μέθη, meaning drunkenness). They used to wear jewelery made of amethyst or decorate their drinking cups with this unique semiprecious stone and they thus believed they would not get drunk.


There is a particular myth concerning its creation. According to greek mythology, Amethyst was a young virgin who brought on the wrath of Dionysos (the god of reproduction, ecstasy and wine) while he was drunk on red wine. Amethust called on the virgin godess Artemis (Diana) who, in order to help her, transformed her into a white, shiny stone. When Dionysos realized what came to pass, he was remorseful and shed his tears into his red wine grass. This wine spilled onto the white rock that became purple, our current day amethyst.

Amethyst Series