Handmade jewelery series based on fabric

Τhe greek goddess Athena (Minerva) was the goddess of wisdom and intellect and gave men the art of weaving. People learned by her to weave cloth –and consequently make clothes of it- as well as covers and carpets that could dress –depending on the quality of the threads used- the humblest of citizens as well as the richest of kings.

One of the most popular ancient Greek myths concerning Athena is that of her dispute with Poseidon for the naming and protection of the city of Athens. The most common version of the myth informs that the gods decided that the god protector of the city would be the one that offered the most important gift. Poseidon offered a source of running seawater (or the horse according to some) while Athena offered Athenians the olive tree. The gods assigned the victory to Athena for the usefulness of the blessed tree.

Athena Series