Handmade jewellery series based on Quartz and Smoky

The mineral quartz is silicon, namely very pure silica, and it is the second most prevalent mineral in nature. He is known internationally under the name "Quartz", a term derived from the old German word "Quarz" of unknown etymology. The ancient Greeks believed in the beneficial properties of quartz against the poisonous scorpion sting, as is shown in the ancient text below that is in accordance with the prophecies of Cassandra.


«…Ἒνθεν και σέο, δῖε χαλάζιε, πειρηθῆνε έν θυμῶ βαλόμην, και σευ μένος εὔρος ἄριστον. ἄμφω γαρ, και νοῦσον ἀναψύχεις πυρόεσσαν, και μοι σκορπιόθεν βεβολημένω ἤρα κομίζεις. ...»

 «… Then trying you, divine quartz, I put you in my mind, and your power I found excellent. Why both a burning illness soothes and does good to me if I am stung by scorpion. …»

Cassandra Series