Handmade jewellery series based on Pearls

In ancient time pearls were name margarites, a word meaning rock or stone; this ancient word’s root stil survives in the greek word for pearl margaritari (μαργαριτάρι). In later times, the pearl was named thus from the word pelle/perle that was used for a type of seashell and versions of this perle-derived word are to be found in most languages to denote this incredible creations of nature.


Sarasvati was an Indian goddess that is depicted holding a chain of white pearls in one of her hands that symbolize the power of spirituality, of meditation and of unity with the supreme deity. She holds the pearls in her back right hand to remind that true knowledge frees the seeker from the bonds of selfishness and the material world leading him/her to spiritual salvation and peace.

Sarasvati Series